This blog was thought up by a group of friends who met on another challenge blog that closed. We missed the challenges there and decided that it would be nice to challenge each other by collecting ideas and putting them all into a hat to draw one out each week as a challenge. Now Closed as a challenge blog but here for inspiration for now

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Challenge 6-Inspirational Picture

Really lovely to see people joining in the challenge last week and we hope you will join us again when you can. Thank you for the wonderful pieces that you made.

For this challenge you can use our picture or one of your own that inspired you to make something. It would be nice to see, on your blog, the picture that inspired you or to hear a bit about it.

Hope you enjoy the challenge.

This is our picture if you would like to take inspiration from it -maybe the colours take your eye or the shapes or even the fabric or the wall pattern or the square box.
Click on the names below the pictures to go to our blogs and see more about this week's pieces


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Challenge 5-Arches

This is just whatever arch(es) means to you. Maybe you would like to do an arched shaped tag, or frame a picture of an arch or maybe you will have a very different idea that no one else has thought of. Whatever it is we look forward to seeing what you make. Click on the names below the pictures to go to our blogs and see more about this week's pieces

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Challenge 4-What is in the Shed

A big thank you for everyone who has joined us in the challenges since we started this blog. We have loved seeing what you made and hope you enjoyed making them. Anyone is welcome to join in and you can do your own thing which doesn't have to be anything like the things we make so long as it is in the theme of the challenge.

Now to the Challenge for this week. What is lurking in the shed ?--or any other place that you keep things that might one day be useful ? I am looking forward to searching at the back of the shed to see if  Vic has any treasures to use in the sets of little drawers he has there. We also have a kitchen drawer that always need tidying because everything we can't catorgorise gets put in there. Bits left from flat packs-computer parts, electrical miscellenany etc.Hope you find something that inspires you to be 'crafty'

Here are the things that we made for this week.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Challenge 3 Use some Craft Stash

This week it's time to break into your craft stash. I am sure everyone has something that they have been saving for one reason or another and now is the time to make something with it so we can all enjoy it with you.
 Click on the names under the pictures to go to our blogs and find out more about these project samples . If you click on the pictures here and on our blogs a larger version will appear so you can see the details.

Wonder what anyone else will make with their stash