This blog was thought up by a group of friends who met on another challenge blog that closed. We missed the challenges there and decided that it would be nice to challenge each other by collecting ideas and putting them all into a hat to draw one out each week as a challenge. Now Closed as a challenge blog but here for inspiration for now

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Return of the Mousetrap

Hello friends and followers. Lovely to have you pop in and, if you have time, leave us a message as we love to hear from you. Hope you will join in with your take on the challenge.

Some terrific entries for our music challenge last week and we appreciate you sharing your ideas with us.

This week it is time for the return of the mousetrap challenge that we had some time ago. A few people asked if we would have it again as they had difficulty obtaining a mousetrap. Since then Sam has kindly got some and would be happy to send one to people who would like one. Hope you took up her offer and now have your mousetrap at the ready. Thanks Sam.

If you would like to see how we made ours then click on our names under the pictures and you will be taken, as if by magic, to our blogs.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Challenge 35-Music

Hello Everyone--Hope you have had a good week and are ready for another challenge

but first-----

Great to see what so many people made for the 'Use your Stash Challenge' this last week and to read the comments . Everyone who left a comment had one entry in the prize draw and everyone who entered a project had two entries.
sorry the photos aren't good but it is still quite dark here yet.

Vic drew out one person this morning and the winner is ---Tracey B

Congratulations Tracey! Not sure where in the world you are so can you contact me with your address please-Chrissie-then I will send you the prize. 

This week the Challenge is Music. Another very wide subject--with song titles, music images of all kinds, pop stars etc. Also you can make anything you like so long as it has the theme music somewhere on it. We love to see cards, ATCs, altered anything, canvases, wall hangings-you name it we like to see it.

Just a reminder that next week is the Return of the Mousetrap Challenge so hope you have got your mousetrap at the ready to join us in the challenge. It went so well the first time but not everyone got a chance to join in and some asked for us to have it again.

If you click on our names under the pictures you can visit our blogs and see how we made the projects.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Challenge 34-Use some of your Stash

Hello All-hope you have had a good week

Terrific to have some of you joined us with great ideas for the Locks and Keys Challenge and I hope you enjoyed making your project as much as we enjoyed seeing them

This week is sort of free and easy as we would like you to 'use some of your stash'. Janet, Sandra and Chrissie(me) have made our projects from some material and lace that were in a  parcel sent to us by Lorraine. Florence has saved hers for another time. There were other things in the parcel from Lorraine as well and I have put some of them in the bag I made for this week's project together with some other things from my own stash. If you would like to win the bag and stash all you have to do is leave a comment on this post or enter your own project into this challenge-if you do enter this challenge your name will go twice into the hat. Next Thursday morning, before we publish the new post, I will put all of the names into a hat and draw one out to be the winner. The name will be announced in next week's challenge post.

Here are the projects we have made for this week and if you click on our names under the projects you can go to our blogs and see how we made them. Do say hello if you have time -we love to hear from you.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Challenge 33-Locks and Keys

Hello Friends and Followers-hope you have had a good week and that any friends in the US are safe.

It was lovely to see your Nature projects last week and thank you to all who joined in with us and shared your ideas.

This week we have the theme of Locks and Keys which I am sure means all sorts of different things to different people so it will be good to see what you can make with this subject. Have fun that's what it is all about.

Next week, for one week only, there is a chance to win a special prize so be sure to come along and see what you have to do to win that. 

Also the last week of this month sees the return of the 'Mousetrap Challenge' so we hope you will be able to obtain a mousetrap by then. Sam did have some spare last time but not sure if she has used them all now.

These are the Hatters ideas for this week and if you click on our names under the pictures you can go to our blogs to see how we made them and what they are all about.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Challenge 32-Nature

Hello Everyone

Firstly a hope that all our friends in the US and Canada are safe and well. The weather can cause such misery for so many in a short space of time.

How lovely that so many of you joined in with the Christmas challenges during the last month. Some wonderful ideas for presents and stocking fillers this last week. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. A big thank you to Florence for taking over for the month, it made it extra enjoyable for me as I didn't have to think about the posts.

Well I am back to normal now and this month we have some nice challenges pulled out of the hat by my husband, Vic-- this includes a special prize for one of the challenges and also the return of the mousetrap challenge the last week of the month as there are 5 weeks in November and the 'Alter a Mousetrap' was requested by some who didn't have time to do it on the first occassion. Do hope everyone will join in even if they made one the first time.

Now to this week's challenge which is Nature. Lots of scope for this subject so think flowers, trees, animals, birds, riverside or anything else that nature means to you. As always you can make anything you like and we love to see where the challenges take you. Most of all have fun if you join in with us.

To see how the Hatters made their projects this week just click on the names under the pictures. In case you are wondering why there isn't anything from Florence-she didn't have time to make anything for the Hatters this week. Hope you will be back again next week Florence.