This blog was thought up by a group of friends who met on another challenge blog that closed. We missed the challenges there and decided that it would be nice to challenge each other by collecting ideas and putting them all into a hat to draw one out each week as a challenge. Now Closed as a challenge blog but here for inspiration for now

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Challenge 39/40 Birthstone Colours

Hello to Everyone who pops in. It was lovely to see what you made for the winter challenge as it is a busy time of year for everyone and to have so many of our friends join us was special. It may not seem like a lot of people to some blogs but we just love anyone to join us and hope they enjoy joining in.

 I expect you are all very busy again this week and next but here is a challenge if you want a break from all the work and would like to do a bit of crafting. This challenge will last for two weeks and we will be back on January 3rd with a new one. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas Time and Happy New Year

For this challenge you make anything you like using a birthstone colour from the chart

Plenty of nice colours to chose from 

Here are ones that we made and if you click on the names under the pictures you can go to our blogs and see more about our projects. If you have time do leave a comment and say hello as we love to hear from you

Sandra was unable to join us this week as she is very busy at the moment--she will be back in January for the first challenge of 2013 and the challenge then was one of her great idea.

Do look on the sidebar to see what we have in store for the  First January Challenge

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Challenge 38-Winter

Hello All, nice to see you here as I am sure you are really busy with Christmas almost due.

Wonderful Shrine projects last week and we loved seeing them so thank you to those who joined in with us. Not as many as usual but it is a bit near to Christmas. Anyone is always welcome to join us in any of projects and with anything that you think fits the theme for the week. 

This week we have the theme Winter so you will have lots of things to think about for that. Whatever you like so long as it it is to do with Winter.
We usually all have different ideas but this week Janet and me used the same round frames -she had sent them to me and it is coincidence that we both used them for this challenge.

 Sorry to say that Florence has said that she has decided to leave the Hatters as she wants to concentrate on other things so we wish her luck with her new projects and hope to see some of them in Blogland. I'm sure all of us have learnt a lot from Florence and hope that she has learnt for us as well. Good Luck Florence in whatever you do.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Challenge 37-A Shrine

Hello Everyone-Happy December! Can't believe it has got to that time of year already.

Fantastic Mousetraps from those who joined us in the Challenge so many different styles to inspire anyone who ever wants to alter a mousetrap-who knows we may venture there again sometime in the future 

This week we are asking you to make a shrine in which ever style you would like to make one. There are ones in match boxes and other boxes or just ones like a canvas so do let your imagination run free to show us what your idea of a shrine is. Always lovely to have you join us and to share ideas with each other.

Here are our versions below and if you click on the names underneath you will be taken to our blogs to see how we made them

To add the link to your project just click on the frog at the bottom of the post.

Nothing from Florence as she is taking December off  from crafting and will be back with us again in 2013.