This blog was thought up by a group of friends who met on another challenge blog that closed. We missed the challenges there and decided that it would be nice to challenge each other by collecting ideas and putting them all into a hat to draw one out each week as a challenge. Now Closed as a challenge blog but here for inspiration for now

Thursday, 30 May 2013


New Challenge day again at The Hatters and this week's theme is open to all sorts of ideas so we hope you can find time to join in with us.

Nice projects last week for the photograph theme and great to visit your blogs as always. Not as many as usual but it was a holiday so I am sure a lot of you were busy doing other things. For those who would like more time to do our challenges we will be changing to every 2 weeks in September so hope you will be staying with us and joining in when you can until then.

This week it is Von's last week as our guest and we have really enjoying having her with us and seeing all of her wonderful ideas for the challenges-thank you to Von and for Janet for organising the guests each month

So to the theme for this week is ----

----'JEWEL IN THE CROWN' and as you can see we have all had different ideas as to what it meant.

If you would like to learn more about our makes for this week then click on the names under the photographs and go to our blogs. Always great to have visitors drop by. To join in with us scroll to the bottom to the post and add your link.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Challenge 61-Use a Photograph

Another week has flown by and it is time for a new Hatter's challenge and we hope you will join in with us if you have time. Lovely makes last week for eyes challenges and thank you to everyone who shared their makes with us.

This week the challenge is to use a photograph somewhere on your crafty piece. The subject can be anything you like so long as there is a photograph on it somewhere.

Here are what we made of the theme and it would be lovely if you go to our blogs by clicking on the names under the pictures. Always great to see your comments as well if you have time to leave one.



Von Guest Designer

This post is scheduled so if anything isn't right I will fix it at the weekend -chrissie

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Challenge 60- Eyes

Hello Everyone-hope your week has gone well and you are ready for a new challenge at the Hatters.
This is a scheduled posts as I will not be around for a week-well only to comment from my i-pod. Hope it all goes well and apologies if it doesn't.

Always great to have you join in with us and the Postcards from France were just wonderful with so many different ideas.

This week the theme is EYES and that will mean so many different things to everyone so we can't wait to see what you makes.

Here is what we have made for this challenge so if you want to learn more about them click on our names under the pictures to go to our blogs. All quite different I'm sure you will agree.

Von-our guest for May

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Challenge 59-A Postcard from France

Hello Friends and Followers and big welcome to our new followers.

Another week has slipped by and it is time for a new challenge here at the Hatters. Always wonderful to see what you make with our themes and to have you join in with us when we craft.  Wonderful ideas for the Picture Frame challenge and thank you to those who joined in with us

This week the theme is A Postcard from France so do join in with us if you have time.

Von is with us this month as our guest so pop to her blog and say hello.

If you click on the names under the pictures you can visit our blogs and learn more about how we made the projects for this week



Thursday, 2 May 2013

Challenge 58-Picture Frame

Hello Friends and Followers. Hope this week finds you well and happy and ready for a new challenge at the Hatters.

Congratulations to Gill who won the Tando prize-details in post before this one

We did enjoy seeing what you made for the Hearts and Swirls. So many interesting and inspiring ideas.

This week we say a fond farewell to Carol and a big thank you to her for making April a bit different by having her join us with her wonderful projects. Also thank you for arranging the prize from Tando and choosing the winner. Thank you to Tando as well.

This month Von joins us as our guest, invited by Janet's and we look forward to seeing what she makes for the projects. Thank you to Janet for the idea and for organising it all.

This is what Von has to say about herself ;-

It's so nice to be asked to be part of the team for the month of May.

 I met Chrissie on line many years ago on a forum and Sandra and Janet through the Just for Fun blog  and they make a great team together

Married for 35 years to my VERY patient husband, who has put up with my butterfly brain and chaos,  hence the name of my blog  'Messy Me'  and like most crafters I have always been crafty from dressing paper dolls as a child, to making clothes for myself and my 2 boys when they were little.
 I've gone though many phases but paper crafting continues to endure as there is always someone  to inspire you, befriend you and  encourage you to have a go.
Now to the challenge for this week which is 'Picture Frame'

Make of that what you will. It will be great to see what ideas spring to mind when you see those two words and we look forward to seeing what anyone makes who joins in with us this week.

These are what we made and you can find out more if you click on our names under the pictures to visit our blogs.

Happy Crafting Everyone

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The winner of the Tando prize

Lots of people have joined us in the challenges for April and Tando offered a prize as we had Carol as guest designer and she is one of their Design Team. We don't usually have prizes so this makes it a special event for us.

The winner was chosen randomly and is

Congratulations Gill

Please would you send us your name and address so we can forward the details to Tando

Email here please

We hope you have fun using the beautiful emblies.

Love The Hatters