This blog was thought up by a group of friends who met on another challenge blog that closed. We missed the challenges there and decided that it would be nice to challenge each other by collecting ideas and putting them all into a hat to draw one out each week as a challenge. Now Closed as a challenge blog but here for inspiration for now

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Challenge 72-Things Beginning with B

Another week has flown by and we are ready for a new Hatter's Challenge.

Great numbers projects from those who joined in with us and we loved visiting your blogs to learn about the makes.

Sam is still with us and I am sure everyone is enjoying seeing what she has made for us.

This week the theme is Anything Beginning with B, so it will be interesting to see what you make of that. It can be just one thing beginning with B or lots of things so get out the dictionary and see what springs to mind.

There are our makes for B and we hope you will visit our blogs to find our more about our makes--just click on the names under the pictures.


MorningAJ said...

I keep intending to do something for one of these challenges but every time I think about it I see the week's over and another one's arrived!

Very old joke in our family:
What begins with a B?

Sandra's Spot said...

The weeks certainly fly by and I love your family joke lol. Hugs Sandra X

butterfly said...

Fabulous makes from the DT - and so happy I fit in to the theme this week... seems like ages since I've found time to play!
Alison x